Hybrid Humans
Based in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

Founding date:
March, 2014


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Hop Hop Away


Hybrid Humans is an independent game studio based in Abu Dhabi, UAE. We are dedicated to crafting memorable, and exciting gaming experiences.


Hybrid Humans was unofficially formed in March 2014, founded and self funded by Fakhra AlMansouri. She and José Teixeira developed our first title, Hop Hop Away, which started as a student project prototype back in 2013. The Hybrids team grew and in January 2015 the Hybrid Humans studio was officially established. All focus and efforts were put into the game, we participated in a few local gaming events, the reception of the game was quite encouraging.

Hop Hop Away, was released on iOS App Store and Google Play Store 31st of August 2015.



Hop Hop Away: The Evol Circus Trailer YouTube

Logo & Icon

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Team and Collaborators

Fakhra AlMansouri
Game Designer, Founder, Hybrid Humans

José Teixeira
Game Designer, Lead Programmer, Hybrid Humans

Yahya Danboos
Level Designer, Hybrid Humans

Aya AlHajri
Environment Artist, Hybrid Humans

Shihab AlDeen
Character Artist, Freelancer

Tareq Monther
Artist - Trailer, Freelancer

Resa Pulvera
Artist, Freelancer

Declan Bell
Music, Freelancer